Dheeraj G. Hinduja


Mr.  Dheeraj  G. Hinduja  holds  a  B.Sc.  (Hons.) degree  in Economics  &  History  from  the  University College,  London,  1993.  He has completed  his  Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Project Management from the Imperial College, London University, 1994.

Dheeraj  is  a  third  generation  member  of  the  Hinduja Family,  who  owns and  runs  the  Hinduja  Group,  with diversified business interests all over the world. Employing over 50,000 people, the Hinduja Group’s portfolio includes Global Investments, Investment Banking and International Trading. He has over seventeen years of experience at strategic and leadership levels covering a variety of businesses across diverse sectors such as Automotives, Energy,  Infrastructure,  Finance  &  Banking,  IT  &  ITES, Media and Healthcare. He has been leading the Human Resources Function for the entire  Group  –  driving  an agenda  of  transformation, through talent acquisition, engagement, retention and development strategies.

Currently,  Dheeraj  is  focusing  on  the  Group’s  Indian Businesses,  which have  a  diversified  portfolio  of organizations  with  Ashok Leyland  as the flagship company.  As Director  of  Hinduja  Group  India,  he  is setting and driving an aggressive growth agenda for all Indian entities. He is leading a corporate team to develop strategy for enhancing Group Portfolio and exploring new opportunities &  markets  and  to  oversee  investments.

As  Chairman  of  Ashok  Leyland,  he  is  particularly overseeing corporate strategy for quantum growth, M&A activities  and  the charter  of  HR  issues &  initiatives.

Dheeraj  is  active  on  the  Board  of  Hinduja  Foundries, the  largest jobbing  foundry  in  India.  He  is  also  on  the board  of  Hinduja Global  Solutions.  

As Co-Chairman of Hinduja Automotive Limited (formerly LRLIH Ltd), Dheeraj’s focus continues to be on the expansion on the Group’s automotive activities with a special focus on acquisitions and Joint Ventures. 

Dheeraj is also a non-executive Director of many Group Companies.