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Defence Overview

In Service of India’s Finest

For a vehicle to wear Armed Forces camouflage, it must demonstrate extraordinary levels of strength and endurance in extreme conditions, worthy of the soldier who will take the wheel. That Ashok Leyland manufactures Defence vehicles is a nod to our engineering capability. That we have earned the trust of India’s armed forces–one of the largest in the world–is a testament to the performance, durability and reliability of these vehicles, across a staggering range of terrain, temperature and operational conditions. 

Ashok Leyland is a complete mobility solution player for the Armed Forces.

Our association with India’s armed forces  spans more than 40 years, during which we have pulled our weight to secure borders, carry supplies and help soldiers through some of the harshest terrain and, occasionally, even into battle. 

The Stallion, our flagbearer brand, represents the largest fleet of vehicles in an armed force, anywhere in the world. With over 70,000 vehicles produced, the Stallion is synonymous with an army vehicle. 

Equipped for military payloads ranging from 2.5 to 30 tons and a full range of special applications, Ashok Leyland vehicles also bolster the defence forces of governments across the world and have also supported the United Nations in its peacekeeping efforts. 

Ashok Leyland vehicles are globally recognised as an asset in defence logistics. Every one of our machines is infused with the very qualities we salute in the soldier–extraordinary endurance, power under pressure, rock-solid stability in hostile terrain and weather and above all, reliability. 

Defence History

Ashok Leyland and the Indian Armed Forces: A Proud History of Dependability

The Hardy Hippo Used as a carrier and for mounting communication equipment, the Hippo was a regular in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, in the 1970s.

Trusted Retrofitters Ashok Leyland used to repower (retrofit) the Shaktiman trucks–medium capacity 4x4s manufactured by the German firm MAN, which were the most widely used vehicles in the Indian Armyuntil early 1990s. There was a high dependency on foreign components, placing a constraint on production.

An Early Spark In the early 1980s, Ashok Leyland developed and supplied state-of-the-art 6x6 Crash Fire Tender and 4x4 Rapid Intervention Vehicles to the Navy and Indian Air Force to be deployed at their air ports.

A Viable Alternative In 1984, Indian Army shortlisted the Ashok Leyland EO 370 engine as an alternative for the Shaktiman engine for field replacement. Over 7000 engines were supplied for field replacement and OE fitment at the Ordnance Factory in Jabalpur.

Tomorrow-Ready The Indian Army decided to modernise the vehicles produced in the Ordnance Factory in Jabalpur. When they began to look for alternative engines, Ashok Leyland stood the tallest.

Birth of an Icon In 1994, Ashok Leyland’s Stallion 4x4–an indigenous War Horsewas born and selected to replace Shaktiman 4x4 after demonstrating superior performance even in high altitude, deserts and cross-country terrain.

Trust, the Old-Fashioned Way With periodical upgradation–engine, cabin, etc.–in the product, Stallion 4x4 gained its place as the preferred mode of transport for the Indian Army.

The War Horse By 1999, when the high-altitude warfare of Kargil unfolded, Stallion had become the definitive logistics vehicle for the Indian Army. The Stallion recorded 95% operational availability, transporting soldiers as well as carrying stores from airplanes to the war zone in extreme hostile conditions. 

Staggering Versatility In the new millennium, after Ashok Leyland began building other variants, the Stallion also served the positions of Fuel Bowser, Water Bowser, Light Recovery Vehicle, Field Artillery Tractors and Fire Fighting Trucks.

Beast of a Benchmark When the Indian Army decided to induct New Generation High Mobility Vehicles in 6x6 and 8x8 platforms, Ashok Leyland again rose to the task and built the Super Stallion. This powerful machine hefted the bar for mobility and utility higher than ever before and the Power Horse of Super Stallion vehicles were born.

Leader, in Service of the Servicemen Ashok Leyland shattered competition in 2015 to become the preferred maker of High Mobility Vehicles in 6x6 and 8x8 configuration for the Ministry of Defence. In the same year, Ashok Leyland was also shortlisted by DRDO and DPSU in HMV 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 configuration as Weapon, Radar and Bridging mobility platforms.

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