Custom Made Part Kits For Unique Needs

Custom Made Part Kits For Unique Needs

For Ashok Leyland, every customer’s need is unique and a priority. Our customer focus is not generic, but oriented towards catering to specific requirements. This is why we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to spares and part kits. However specific the need, we will make sure you have the perfect fit.

By maintaining a keen eye on our customers’ changing business requirements, we calibrate our offerings to ensure that they have access to the right resources at the time. Some of the more popular requirements include:

  • Trailer axle and suspension kit:

    For someone looking to put their vehicle to commercial use, Ashok Leyland provides a one-stop solution with this add on and all supplementary parts and service support.

  • Repair kits:

    Commercial vehicles customers prefer a hands on approach. Our precise repair kits help them handle minor crises economically and with speed – to reduce downtime and get the vehicle on the road again quickly.

  • Retro fitment kits:

    An aspect of being future-ready is to help our customers adapt quickly to new and changing regulations. Our user-friendly retrofitment kits include Anti-lock Braking System kits and Speed Limit Device kits, aimed at technological upgrades, with overall reduction in maintenance cost.