Onsite Service

Onsite Service

In order to provide seamless service support at likely breakdown spots such as in the mountains, major corridors which are difficult to reach, and remote/far flung locations, which are challenging to access, Ashok Leyland has introduced Onsite service.

It is a 20-foot or 40-foott workshop in a container, fully equipped to provide service to medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Each workshop comes with the service capacity of one bay and two trained mechanics. Engine scanning can be set up with minimal support infrastructure and at very short lead time.

It ensures uninterrupted uptime, better profits and more economy for customers, through some key features.

  • Perfect at Project Sites:

    Onsite Service can act as a hub for maintenance in locations where vehicles are deployed for a fixed period. These are ideal for project sites locked in for a specific period, but with significant servicing requirements.

  • Deep Access:

    It is an invaluable initiative in remote sites/hill sites, where available space is a constraint. The compactness and modularity of the innovation comes through in such tough conditions.

  • Cost effective service arrangement:

    Its flexibility and agility makes it ideal to maintain service levels until a full-fledged service outlet is made available. While still comprehensive, it gives the customer a breather in terms of costs.