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Paying attention to details

Rajnikant Patel, fondly called Rajju Patel is a soft spoken, enthusiastic man. He is very excited to talk to me and share his incredible story of taking planning and execution to the minutest detail.  

Do you know how long the rice, lentils and wheat you have in store are going to last you? Or your toothpaste or gas cylinder? How many days before you need to recharge that prepaid sim card?

The reason I am talking to him is because in the middle of all this madness the pandemic has caused, there is a man whose methodical ways has the answer to the questions above and sorted out the lives of more than 500 of his employees. 

Rajju Bhai is our LCV dealer from Bhavnagar and also has other dealerships across Gujarat. Having been in the business for more than ten years, he has always believed in keeping his employees and their families happy. As with any person who employs more than a hundred people, Rajju bhai found that there was always someone or the other asking for money for various reasons- education for their children, medical needs, it could be anything. He decided to set up a committee of 20 people who understood all the needs of his employees so they could be helped out. This sort of methodical planning served well when the pandemic broke out. The committee went a step further and put together details of basic supplies and how long it would last for every household. 

He has also set up a medical emergency fund which can be used during the pandemic in case the need arises. 

To keep up the mood of the employees in this time, he has encouraged them to send him a daily report of what they did the whole day. Employees send him their routine, what they ate, whether they exercised and what recreation activities they did. This well thought out plan of helping out his employees serves as an example and learning for all of us.

#staysafe #stayhealthy 

Aapki Jeet. Hamari Jeet.


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