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Frontline warriors

Meet Dr Vandana Kamal from Indirapuram, who has been working as a Medical Officer with the UP Govt for the last 11 years. She is also the recipient of the “Best Doctor Award” under Prime Minister Initiative for Mother and Child Health for the year 2018. 

Dr Vandana Kamal is the Medical Officer of Gautam Buddha Nager (Noida) district. Since the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19) she has been working round-the-clock in battling the spread of the virus ever since the department found the first suspected patient. When Vandana’s family learned about her new assignment, they were anxious. “The disease is dangerous, beta, be careful,” said her mother. 

For over a month now, she has been associated with the rapid response team (RRT) of Gautam Buddha Nagar – Uttar Pradesh. The RRT is a team of doctors and healthcare providers that respond to Covid-19 patients with early signs of infection of the Corona Virus. The RRT Team is directly involve in identifying the HOT spots / infected patients, including the entire chain of contacts of the patients. They are always at risk of getting infected because of constant contact. 

Her day begins at 6 am and continues until 9 pm. She takes care of patients as well as her family, and is the mother of two girls studying in 12th and 9th class respectively. After returning home she keeps herself in isolation so that her family will stay safe. 

She says, “what I am doing is the biggest duty in my life, fighting this pandemic and serving the nation”. She urges everybody to stay at home and maintain social distance and not to forget to wash/sanitize your hands regularly. 

During the recent “COFFEE WITH FAMILY” initiative conducted at North Zone 1, Chaired by the Zonal Manager, every family member of the zone appreciated and congratulated Dr Vandana Kamal for her effort in the pandemic.

Her husband Vikas Kamal works in our Sales & Marketing as Area Manager Faridabad NZ1, He proudly says, “She is our family role model and I am so proud of her.”

The Ashok Leyland family salutes the efforts of Vandana. 

#Stay Safe # Stay Healthy


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