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How Ashok Leyland is creating a future-ready workforce by steering a digital culture of learning


The automotive industry is transforming at a dramatic pace. Fundamental shifts like the rise of electric vehicles and digital technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud disrupt the sector. Automakers are simultaneously navigating a challenging business environment, made tougher by the pandemic’s economic downturn. To counter headwinds and seize new market opportunities, OEMs will need to nurture a future-ready workforce that can innovate, reimagine, and fast-track their business into the future.


Empowering talent transformation with “reach and relevance” by enabling a culture of digital learning Ashok Leyland has historically been a pioneer and innovator in the CV space. Equipping talent with the right skills for the future was critical as it digitally transformed the business to ride the next wave of innovation.

The company was looking to nurture a “digital culture of learning” in line with the larger shift within the organization to a digital way of working. Ashok Leyland needed a holistic talent transformation program to build digital and other critical skills to drive key business objectives across its diverse, global employee base. Through a state-of-the-art learning solution, Ashok Leyland wanted to achieve both “reach and relevance,” overcoming challenges with physical learning that restricted learning coverage. Additionally, the program had to scale quickly and synchronously to cover more than 90% of its workforce.


Building critical skills to transform into a digital-ready workforce Coursera worked closely with Ashok Leyland to understand existing challenges, designing a solution that could strengthen technical, functional, and leadership competencies across functions and roles.

The program empowered Ashok Leyland’s employees spread across multiple geographies and hierarchies to learn anytime, anywhere, with the flexibility of self-paced learning and convenience of an on-the-go mobile experience.

The solution focused on building both the breadth and depth of relevant skills through a high quality learning experience. It offered access to courses from the world’s leading institutes and companies on Coursera, with the opportunity for learners to earn certifications from world-class universities.

A customized approach to end one-size-fits-all learning

The program strategically created a trajectory for talent transformation over three years. It initially introduced and helped employees adapt to online learning from physical classroom learning methods commonly deployed in the Indian automotive industry. Suggested learning choices drew employees online at this stage.

As the organization began to embrace the culture of digital learning, the program opened up an array of courses that employees could self-select. The program deepened in the next phase to build focused, customized sets of skills—the dept of skill moving from basic to proficient levels—across functions. The solution was also extended for relevant, personalized learning across different roles and hierarchies in the organizations.

Curating course collections

Coursera curated course collections by mapping relevant skills to functions and roles. This custom learning covered digital, manufacturing, business, technology, and leadership skills, among a range of capabilities identified as Ashok Leyland, accelerated digital technologies adoption.

Employee recognition

To motivate new learners, Ashok Leyland celebrated learner stories in a bi-weekly update, “Coursera Chronicles,” showcasing the value of courses and the impact of learning.


Coursera solution drives online learning that delivers impact aligned to business needs

The program has successfully seeded a digital culture of learning across Ashok Leyland— scaling from 400 learners in 2017 to cover 2,000 learners currently. From an open-to-all learning platform, the program has matured into an objectives-led framework. Employees in the program are leveraging learning for greater efficiency and quantifiable gains in current projects. Additionally, the solution amplified the organization’s flagship “Ashok Leyland University,” an internal initiative scaling key functional skills across the organization.

The online advantage at Ashok Leyland

• Significant reduction in learning costs compared to physical classroom training that initially proved challenging to scale.

• Personalized learning for “relevance” through curated and customized training options for every employee in the program

• Targeted scale and reach achieved with the program seamlessly ramped up across hierarchies, functions, and locations.

• A shift to digital learning: During the recent COVID lockdown, the organization leveraged Coursera as one of the primary channels to scale learning and engage employees with 1,200 unique learners in at least one or more virtual learning engagements.

• Staying ahead of the curve: Having laid the foundation for a digital learning culture way ahead of time, Ashok Leyland overcame the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation by engaging employees to up-skill and keep up their resilience throughout.

• Skills advantage: While the automotive industry globally lags on business and technology skills, according to Coursera’s Global Skills Index 2020, Ashok Leyland continues to narrow its skills gap in these critical skill areas through the program. Learner enrolments in business and technology domains on Coursera have grown more than 3000% YoY.


• 30K learning hours total

• 3.4K+ enrolments

• 2K courses completions

• 1.2K unique learners


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