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Road To School

Ashok Leyland is one of the flagship companies of Hinduja Group and globally renowned automobile solutions provider headquartered at Chennai. It is the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. Ashok Leyland’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted, since over a decade Ashok Leyland has been contributing to various development activities through its CSR programs spanning environment, health, education and infrastructure.  

During the year 2015-16, Ashok Leyland in association with Government of Tamil Nadu, Department of Education decided to work in the area of improving primary and middle school education in government schools in and around the manufacturing units. Ashok Leyland has manufacturing units at Hosur. Hosur is an industrial town in Tamil Nadu and has a number of small, medium and large scale industries that requires a large number of skilled and semi –skilled workforce to sustain the rapid growth of industries.  Quality of primary and secondary education in this region becomes very critical to create a long-term pipeline of workforce and cater to steady demand of well-educated youth. Hence, Ashok Leyland decided to invest its CSR funds in holistic child development programs in selected government primary and middle schools in Shoolagiri and Anchetty towns bordering Hosur. 

During the year 2015-2016, 36 schools were selected from Shoolagiri and Anchetty cluster near the Hosur industrial town.  Initial school survey and situational analysis indicated lower literacy rates, acute teacher shortage, lack of proper infrastructure, migratory and economically weaker population in many government primary and middle schools. Detailed learning diagnostics studies across all 36 schools were conducted to ascertain the learning levels. Data analytics of learning levels indicated that over 55% of the students did not have minimum grade level learning competencies resulting in wide learning gaps across all subjects. Ashok Leyland CSR along with the NGO partner;  Learning Links Foundation decided to develop and implement a holistic education and health improvement programs for 36 schools in Shoolagiri and Anchetty. The program was launched in July 2015 influencing 4500 students annually.

Project Goals

  • Learning Enhancement program for primary and middle schools students across select government schools using a sustainable and scalable model
  • Nurture both scholastic and co-scholastic development of children from government schools.

Holistic Child Development covering Health, Hygiene, physical and emotional development including sports

Key Features of the Road to School Program

  • Well qualified (B.Ed with teaching experience) full time resource persons appointed in all Schools for a period of 3 years.
  • Well qualified Health coordinators, Cluster and project managers are appointed for smooth implementation of the project
  • Customized Learning Enhancement and Practice (LEAP) content and worksheets for children to plug grade level / age level learning gaps. The LEAP content is in spirit of current syllabus prescribed Tamil Nadu state
  • Comprehensive assessment practices with Rapid Tests, skills tests, base line, mid line and end line tests in all schools
  • Multiple training programs and for project staff, school teachers and Head Masters
  • Provision of Math kit, Science kits, Laptops, internet for technology integration
  • Provision of Mobile Library and Fun bus for students for extra-curricular experiences
  • Holistic Wellness program with focus on Health, Hygiene, physical and emotional development
  • Comprehensive Health Checkups for all students in partnerships with well known hospital chains
  • Community based events, national and international day celebrations in schools with support of Ashok Leyland volunteers

Provision for sports kits, Tube lights and Fans for school development

Key Outcomes of the Road to School Project

  • Over 20% improvement in learning levels of students from class II  to class VII, as measured by Base Line and End Line tests
  • Approximately 20% reduction in dropout rates and increase in attendance and punctuality
  • Remarkable improvement (over 35% ) in reading skills as measured by standard reading tests
  • Remarkable improvement in health and hygiene practices in  70 % of the schools

Increased community, SMC and parents participations in students academics

Scalability and Innovations

In the year 2016, the Road to School program was extended to another 72 schools. Thirty-six additional schools in Anchetty Cluster and another 36 schools in Minjur and Pulzal cluster in Thiruvallur district near the Ashok Leyland Mother Plant and Technical Research Center in Chennai.  Currently the program is impacting around 15000 students annually on education, health, and wellness enhancement. 

On 12th July 2017, this program is to be extended for 45 Schools in Namakkal District covering 04 Educational blocks viz Namakkal, Mohanur, Paramathy and Erumapatti. This will benefit another 4700 students of Namakkal District.

We also conduct structured sports programme in 106 schools of Hosur and Chennai covering 14,500 children, in collaboration with SV Edusports Private Limited.

To improve the health conditions and avoid mal-nutrition among the students, we have started providing break-fast from July 2017 in Hosur and Chennai areas benefiting about 15,000 children.

With this, Road To School program will reach out 19700 students this year.