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angle-left We are future ready!

Ashok Leyland showcases BS-VI trucks and buses

We at Ashok Leyland showcased our wide range of Bharat Stage (BS) VI trucks and buses at our Technical Centre in Chennai on 4 th &amp; 5 th November. After receiving the certificates, confirming compliance to BS-VI emission standard, from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), we have become the first Indian OEM to meet the BS-VI emission norms across the full range of heavy duty trucks (GVW of 16.2T and above).
Ashok Leyland has consistently stayed at the forefront with innovations. In the past, when emission norms were upgraded, Ashok Leyland was the first to come up with indigenous and innovative technology that not only addressed the requirements, but also catered to the needs of customers. In continuation to its commitment to innovation, again with its indigenous technology, the company has come out with a mid-NOx technology for BS- VI vehicles. Ashok Leyland has addressed the requirement for the new norms with a relevant and customized approach once again. Along with this, Ashok Leyland will be introducing the Modular Vehicle Platform that will efficiently cater to the diverse needs of the customers.
Commenting on the new BS-VI vehicles Mr. Dheeraj G. Hinduja, Chairman, Ashok Leyland, said, “Ashok Leyland has a rich legacy of technological innovations that has set the benchmark for the industry. Be it the in-line pump for BS-III or the iEGR for BS-IV, at Ashok Leyland, we have consistently stayed ahead of the curve. In focus with our aspirations of being amongst the top ten global Commercial Vehicle maker, we have yet again come up with an innovative technology to address the BS-VI norms. We are the first OEM to get BS-VI certification for our complete range of heavy duty trucks. This will be introduced with the new Modular Vehicle Platform which will provide customised solutions to address our customers’ specific needs.”
Ashok Leyland today offers a comprehensive range of trucks and buses catering to an entire gamut of day-to-day commercial vehicle needs - from intercity light commercial vehicle to 49-tonne long haul trucks and wide range of buses, to safe transport and driver-friendly choices. Ashok Leyland has pioneered technological innovations in the truck and bus segment and is fully equipped with a range of buses powered by alternate fuels aimed at reducing pollution and promoting an eco-friendly transport system in India. The company has also developed a range of mobility solutions to meet the future transportation needs of the ‘Envisaged Smart Cities’.