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2518 HD

With heavy duty aggregates, the CT 2518 HD 6x4 Tipper is an upgraded version made suitable for difficult terrains and operating conditions. With laborious applications like shallow mining, quarry and river sand, this Tipper is built to manoeuvre across the country for multiple purposes.


Top Features

A system that runs on innovation and intelligence owing to the iEGR technology, The CT 2518 HD 6x4 Tipper can traverse the Indian conditions and operate in testing conditions in quarry and mines. With fully build body incorporating box body variance, this Tipper also has cab chassis available. Making it a preferred choice is the fact that it has an H series 6 cylinder engine BS4 iEGR, and comes with a 9S speed synchromesh gearbox. Not only this, there is also a bogie suspension with G45 Cabin.

Worth the Value

Heavy duty aggregates to enable higher productivity in difficult operating conditions in Quarry and mines. The engine and its torque power address the loading and road conditions. The frame comes with a 9" NRS model and an 11" BGS model options. The frame is further strengthened with a bolted construction over the constant chassis. Its G45 day trimmed cabin is another aesthetic feature that makes this Tipper worth the investment.

Sensational Specifications

The CT 2518 HD 6x4 Tipper has a 9S speed synchromesh gearbox that assure fatigue-less driving. The matching gear ratios with over drive ensure better TAT. Seamless and smooth gear changes come with the double synchroring.

The axles provide for improved grade-ability and longevity in life is safeguarded by the clutch booster. The plastic fuel tank has a capacity of 200 litres, which ensures rust free fuel for longer hours of operations.

Safety is paramount in tippers hence we have increased the braking area, this tipper has S-Cam brakes and spring actuated pneumatic brakes in the rear.

Technical Specifications

Engine Power: 180 HP @ 2500 rpm Torque: 660Nm @ 1200~1900 rpm
Clutch Single plate dry type - 15” Axial spring clutch
Gear Box Synchromesh - ZF 9S1110 - Crawler-12.73 I - 8.83
Prop Shaft 1 Drive shaft + 1 Inter-axle shaft, 1710 HD Series
Rear Axle Fully floating single speed (MT 1497) – RAR 6.5: 1 Fully floating single speed (MT 1497) – RAR 6.83: 1
Front Axle I’ section, non driven, Reverse Elliot type
Suspension Front – Multi-leaf Spring Rear V-rod Bogie Suspension Rear NRS Semi Elliptical multi Leaf
Frame Dimensions Bolted construction with constant width over chassis. 228 x 76 x 6 mm Bolted construction Cranked chassis Frame -279 x 90 x 8mm
Steering Integral power steering
Brakes Dual circuit, full air S cam. Parking brakes on rear wheels only
Fuel Tank 200 (Plastic)
Electrical 24V ; 110 AH battery X 2 nos. 85A alternator capacity
Tyres 10 X 20 – 16 PR Cross ply and Radial Option
Max Speed 60 Kmph
Gradeability 9S – NRS - 38.7% 9S – BGS – 42.2%
Cab G45 Day cab
Tipping Cylinder & PTO Stage : 3 Stage Cylinder 16 Box PTO Ratio : 0.952