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U 2518

The U 2518 THD is a workhorse found in most of the shallow mining, canal and irrigation projects. With its strong engine, it is designed to deliver more power, reliability and efficiency for your most demanding mining and irrigation applications. With improved drivability, optimised gradeability combined with good fuel economy, the U 2518 THD provides you with unparalleled operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions and on haul roads with high rolling resistance. The vehicle also employs top-of- the-line technology for effective handling and suspension that guarantees a superior driving experience.


The Performance powerhouse

Powered by the time-tested H-series turbocharged intercooled, BS-IV with CRS fuel injection engine, the U 2518 THD promises to render not only reliability but also economy of fuel. The truck also has an inbuilt speed limiter. With a power of 180 HP @ 2400rpm, the optimised engine power results in better fuel mileage while an optimised torque of 660Nm @ 1200-1900rpm enables less number of gear shifts. With an all steel, new generation, fixed-type, suspended cabin with superior safety and aesthetic features, the driver tends to be in the most comfortable self during those long journeys.

Ruggedly reliable

The truck is equipped with a cross-linked polymer tank with metallic guard guarantees there is no formation of rust, thereby ensuring higher impact on strength and durability. With spring-actuated pneumatic at rear wheels, the U 2518 THD comes with a 9-speed gearbox and air brakes, dual line with anti-skid braking system (ABS). The truck’s bogie rear suspension with V-rod ensures a long life. The front suspension is semi-elliptic, multi-leaf, uprated springs with shock absorbers for better driving comfort. The truck also comes with antiroll bar for higher stability. The U 2518 THD’s high dependability and robustness makes it a popular truck model in all kind of shallow mining and irrigation projects.

Technical Specifications

Engine H series 180 HP turbocharged intercooled, CRS
Maximum power 180 HP @ 2400 rpm
Maximum torque 660 Nm @ 1200-1900 rpm
Clutch 380 mm dia with ceramic lined disc and booster actuation
Transmission "9 speed gear box with FGR 8.83:1 and CGR 12.73:1"
Front axle Forged 'I' section, Reverse Elliot type
Rear axle Fully floating, single speed, hypoid with 6.17:1 RAR
Frame 279 X 90 X 8 mm bolted frame, adequately reinforced with internal flitches
Suspension "Front: semi-elliptic, multileaf Rear: bogie suspension with V-rod"
Brakes Full air, dual line with ABS and ASA
Parking brakes Pneumatic, flick valve operated on rear wheels only
Fuel tank capacity 212 litres cross-linked polymer tank
Battery 24V (2 X 12V), 110 Ah
Tyres "10X20 - 16 PR Cross ply (Optional - 10R20 - 16 PR Radial)"