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Spares - Loyalty Program

A Rewarding Relationship

One of the catalysts for the quality of Ashok Leyland service and support is the strength of relationships we have with our stakeholders, particularly mechanics and retailers. We are privileged by their loyalty and are united in our efforts to deliver the promise of Aap ki Jeet, Hamaari Jeet.

Thousands across the world bear testimony to the rewards of a relationship with Ashok Leyland. In turn, Ashok Leyland values these relationships by designing initiatives that drive tangible, direct benefits to our stakeholders. Through carefully crafted programmes, widely adopted and appreciated, we add value to every transaction.

  • Ashok Leyland Mechanics club

    Mechanics are more than repairman. For someone in trouble, they are often the first port of call, depended upon to get the vehicle back on track. A fund of knowledge and counsel, they are an important pillar of the Commercial vehicle industry. In appreciation of the value that mechanics bring to the Ashok Leyland ecosystem, Ashok Leyland offers a multilevel loyalty programme which over 35000 mechanics respect and use.

    The Ashok Leyland Mechanics club as it is known, encourages and incentivises mechanics to use original and genuine spare parts for repair and replacement.

    Patrons of the scheme can redeem points as cash or gifts. Moreover, benefits like trainings, children’s scholarships and family health insurance ensure that these precious stakeholders are better enriched from their association with Ashok Leyland.

  • Ashok Leyland Retailers Club

    Ashok Leyland shares a strong relationship with a wide network of retailers. As points of showcase and stocking of genuine spare parts and products, retailers drive visibility and bolster the trust of the brand.

    In the Ashok Leyland Retailers Club, we bring forward a unique loyalty programme that exemplifies the value we attach to the retailer relationship, with measurable benefits to the retailer in every transaction.