Ashok Leyland iAlert

Ashok Leyland iAlert

For those who ply commercial vehicles, emerging technology and evolving customer demands have made the road relentlessly competitive. Real-time information about vehicles is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

Ashok Leyland iAlert brings together advanced Track and Trace (TnT), Vehicle Health Monitoring Diagnostics (VHMD) and Reports & Analytics capabilities to provide valuable data on your vehicle’s performance, predict service requirements, help you plan maintenance schedules and help your vehicle stay on road longer.

The revolutionary Ashok Leyland iAlert is available in three configurations.

While most new telematics solutions are accessible only to a small percentage of vehicles with electronic engine platforms, Ashok Leyland iAlert is an industry first–cutting edge telematics solution available across engine platforms, mechanical and electronic alike.

This home-grown system can monitor up to 42 parameters on advanced vehicles to generate the most comprehensive, real-time data on your vehicle’s health and whereabouts.

  • Much More than Diagnostic:

    It can pre-empt issues before they occur, giving the operators the power to avoid glitches and steer clear of unforeseen expenses or unplanned delays.
  • 9x Benefits:

    It offers diverse benefits including VHMD, geo fencing, route deviation tracking, fuel level management, alerts and reports, service reminders, driver monitoring and driving distance and time.
  • Unmatched Response Time:

    Since the on-ground team is relayed complete details about vehicle position and health, the turnaround time for resolution is cut short tremendously, whether critical alert, minor repair or service due.
  • Proactive Service Support

    By tracking all Ashok Leyland vehicles coming within their geographical purview, our dealers are better equipped to offer support when and where needed.