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70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Every day, Ashok Leyland buses ferry the hopes, ambitions and laughter of over millions of world citizens. Every day, trucks large and small, in the hundreds of thousands, carry precious cargo through the veins of the countries, nurturing a rapidly growing economy. Every day, engines are powered on to drive a staggering array of activities in agriculture, marine applications and construction and industrial applications. Every day, our defence vehicles, a vital logistical limb of the Armed Forces, are engaged in proud service of our soldiers.

Every day, there is a relentless demand on the shop floor of Ashok Leyland – second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, the fourth largest manufacturer of buses and 10th largest manufacturer of trucks in the world.

We create world class engines, chassis, full vehicle bodies and everything else in between. Since the very first day our ‘Mother Plant’ at Ennore was established, up to the setting up of our ninth facility in Pantnagar, in 2010, this is a responsibility we fulfill diligently and without compromise.

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Manufacturing is a world in itself, governed by forces and processes exclusive to this environment. The crown jewels of Ashok Leyland manufacturing – spread across the world – are each stories of stringent processes, global standards in quality and a nurturing relationship with nature. The most vibrant aspect of Ashok Leyland manufacturing is that the plants all over the globe are connected – they communicate with each other, exchange ideas, methods and insights to ensure that they bolster the ability to manufacture a wide range of products, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

The oldest of our facilities is also one of the most modern. In this 121.9 Acres (50.7 acres built-up area) facility, over 66% of the machines are less than six years old. It is a fully integrated plant, manufacturing chassis and important aggregates like gearbox, engine, and axles, run by a highly skilled workforce. The plant also houses automated test beds, tool monitoring through RFID, and material handling systems.

A gold standard in quality, the Hosur Plant 1 facility is the key manufacturing hub for engines within Ashok Leyland. The wide range of engines assembled here span across BS3 and BS4 compliant diesel and CNG engines, made in dust proof assembly lines with latest technology. It also manufactures critical components like Cylinder Block and Heads. This facility spread over 101.2 acres, with 44 acres are utilized by manufacturing shops and buildings including state of the art Engine R&D test cell facilities.

An integrated transmission manufacturing plant, it caters to the production of sophisticated synchromesh transmission to all Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles manufactured at various locations across the globe. The 232-acre (112 acre built up area) facility is also equipped for vehicle assembly.

A globally benchmarked bus body building facility that has several specialties including a U-shaped chassis conveyor, hydraulic automated panelling, body lifting mechanisms, paint booths and a shower testing facility. Sprawled over 325 acres (61.8 built up area), this is an assembly plant for a wide range of products, with an emphasis on passenger chassis, including Janbus, FESLF, Cheetah, and Viking amongst others.

This is Deming Prize winning ‘flexible’ plant capable of manufacturing vehicles in a wide payload range – from 2.5 tonnes to up to 49 tonnes. Spread over 234 acres (65 acres built up area), this plant manufactures Ecomet, DOST, MAV, Tippers, RMC and Tractor trailers, LCV s, and the iconic defence vehicle Stallion. This manufacturing facility is also equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic painting system.

This world class ‘Press’ facility is equipped with cutting-edge hydraulic, mechanical and electric presses that are highly versatile and is capable of manufacturing panels of complex shapes and profiles with tools and dies. Cab panel for MDV and LCV and a door welding and assembly line define this facility.

The RAK plant is the first and only commercial vehicle manufacturing factory in the UAE. This 24.86 acre (10.21 built up area) state-of-the-art manufacturing facility caters to the Gulf, African and European markets. The only factory certified to manufacture school buses in the UAE, it rolls out fully built buses including the Falcon, Eagle and Oyster and also a line of Boss trucks. This facility has been provided an Industrial License that enables duty free import of vehicle kits and duty free export of finished vehicles to GCC and the Middle East.

Manufacturer of Solo, Versa, Metrocity and the Metro Decker, the Optare represents the vanguard of Ashok Leyland innovation. Established in 1990, the facility was acquired by Ashok Leyland in 2010. This 3.4-acre plant is ranked 3rd in low-floor bus chassis manufacturing in the UK, after only Volvo and Alexander Dennis.

Highly energy efficient, the 189 acre (79.2 built-up area) Pantnagar plant is an integrated axle machining and assembly facility. It represents best-in-class industrial architecture. A benchmark in efficient operations, it is also the first plant to win the prestigious Deming Prize. For the first time in India, CNC flexible roll forming technology was introduced in this plant.

Despite a varied focus on the products they manufacture, all of the manufacturing plants of Ashok Leyland are engaged in a constant pursuit for higher quality and technological innovation. Some stellar illustrations of this pursuit include:
1.      The Deming Journey:

o    The Pantnagar facility, with its state-of-the-art equipment and young work force, is the world’s first commercial vehicle manufacturing facility outside of Japan to win this globally coveted prize for Total Quality Management.

o    Continuing its TQM journey, Hosur 2 Plant won the coveted Deming prize in the succeeding year.

2.      Cutting-edge Equipment and Advanced Automation.

o    From automated test beds at Ennore and hydraulic automated panelling at Alwar to the fully-automated APICOM test cell at the Hosur 1 plant, the markers for efficiency at Ashok Leyland facilities are backed by powerful technology.

The Hosur 2 plant has been championing robotics in painting systems. Tool monitoring takes place through RFID at the Ennore plant.

As a plant wide initiative, POKA YOKE has become the key technology driver in shop floor to ensure no defects are generated and moved to next stage of operations.

Ashok Leyland’s commitment to responsible manufacturing is a fundamental principle in the organisation and not a later add on. This commitment is manifest in how the enterprise has utilised unused land and nurtured the community at every facility.

  1. Over 630 acres of green cover. Ecological responsibility goes beyond State mandates or statutory requirements. Ashok Leyland has 443 acres of built up manufacturing space, ensconced in over 630 acres of green cover all over the world.
  2. The Ashok Leyland Ecosystem–Over 4,80,000 trees. With the Bhandara plant leading the pack in eco-richness, nearly all Ashok Leyland facilities have thousands of trees and plants within their campus, cumulatively sharing the organization’s vision of making for a bountiful green expanse.
  3. The Pantnagar Benchmark. Pantnagar, in addition to nurturing over 78 acres of green cover, is also equipped with rainwater harvesting and an advanced effluent management system, which ensures zero discharge beyond the boundaries of the facility.