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Captain 3718

With Captain, the 3718 platform, the most cost effective truck, just got more effective. The 3718 as a trucking category was pioneered by Ashok Leyland in response to strong market trends across multiple long haul applications including market load, tankers, and containers. The built-in economy of the platform is amplified by the robustness, superior performance and international styling of Captain.


Performance Above Par

The Captain 3718 is driven by the home-grown powerhouse – the H-Series common rail system 180 HP engine. With proven performance and fuel economy across the entire spectrum of applications, this engine is a legend in haulage, familiar to stakeholders across the value chain. The steady power is transmitted with integrity by the advanced eight speed 8S1110 gearbox with cable shift for smoother gear change. The heavy-duty gears themselves can withstand up to 1110 Nm of input torque, helping the vehicle outperform competition on the open road, as well as less optimal conditions. The FA99 pusher lift front axle brings improved maneuverability, better stability and safety to the drive. With a higher wheel lock angle, the best-in-class turning circle diameter is further reduced and the bigger bearing makes for larger load carrying capacity. And the robust rear axle has a rear axle ratio of 6.17:1. Tested for durability over 10 Lakh kilometres of varied terrain and operating conditions, peak performance is amplified by consistency and reliability. The international design of the cabin is not aesthetic alone, but highly durable and capable of withstanding high impact. Every aggregate is built to last, and illustrates this with industry-leading maintenance intervals. The best part about Captain’s performance is that it is reliable irrespective of driver variability. It brings a winning blend of ruggedness and user-friendly features to the business.

Service and Serviceability

For Ashok Leyland, the promise of Aap ki Jeet, Hamaari Jeet extends well beyond the limits of a transaction. Our commitment is not just to roll out rugged, reliable, high-performance vehicles, but to back this up with an equally strong and reliable after-market services system. Vishwas, the most complete and timely maintenance cover, is also the most trusted AMC. Extended warranty packages bring accountability for much longer. The comprehensive Ashok Leyland insurance cover is affordable, transparent, customizable, and digital. iAlert, our state-of-the-art telematics solution, brings together advanced Track and Trace (TnT), Vehicle Health Monitoring Diagnostics (VHMD) and Reports & Analytics capabilities across engine platforms. With 24x7 pan-India coverage, TatkaAL is a powerful emergency response initiative from Ashok Leyland to ensure that our customers move forward from breakdowns quickly and effectively and ensure maximum uptime. With Leyland Direct, the revolutionary benefits of TatkAL become even more accessible over phone. Leyparts raises the benchmark for spares, and overhauled aggregates from ALRECON are more durable, technically superior to conventional options.

Unmatched Comfort, Convenience and Strength

The steadfast customer focus of Ashok Leyland has raised the bar on comfort, aesthetics and strength, with the Captain platform. The international design of the cabin is infused with technology, aesthetics and a whole lot of thoughtful features. The highly modular cabin is tiltable. For superior serviceability, it has the best-in-class tilt angle, easily openable front grille and also lights under the cabin for better visibility. Inside, the factory-built sleeper cabin is chock-full of driver friendly features. Irrespective of the chosen trim – economy, standard and deluxe, the cabin boasts best-in-class ventilation from overhead vents and quarter vents and air conditioning where applicable. The DIN bin slots support Ashok Leyland’s advanced telematics solutions to ensure uninterrupted connectivity with key stakeholders. Adjustable seats and telescopic, adjustable steering column and wheel enable drivers to choose the perfect position for every trip. The clear console improves driver productivity by presenting all relevant data in an accessible, responsive manner. Gauges like ‘distance to empty’, mileage meter, and the revolutionary ‘gearshift advisory system’ are high performance additions. The USB-enabled music system adds a dash of fun to the hard work.

iEGR, the Ideal EGR

A revolutionary BSIV technology that enables efficient, hassle-free transition. Unlike SCR systems, iEGR needs no AdBlue for emission control. It also does not need additional sensors or complex electronics and in fact shares common parts with BSIII engines. Despite this, iEGR delivers better mileage and lower maintenance cost. Combining the best of CRS (Common Rail System) and EGR, it uses improved in-cylinder combustion management for reduced injection pressure leading to better engine life, powering engines up to 400 HP while successfully meeting BS IV emission norms. It's efficient exhaust and combustion system results in 10% better fuel efficiency than BS III engines in some applications. iEGR is the most ideal BSIV technology for your business.

Technical Specifications

Engine H series CRS engine with iEGR technology
Maximum power 180 HP (132 kW) @ 2400 rpm
Maximum torque 660 Nm @ 1200-1900 rpm
Clutch Improved heavy duty - 380 mm dia with ceramic facing and higher clamp load, clutch booster assisted
Transmission 8S1110 – 8 speed gear box. I gear ratio (FGR) 8.83:1
Front axle Forged I beam - Reverse Elliot type
Rear axle Fully floating, single speed hypoid, with 6.17:1 RAR
Frame Ladder type frame - C section - 275X75X7 mm of high strength steel
Suspension Semi elliptic multileaf in front and non-reactive suspension (NRS) in rear
Brakes Full air dual line with ABS
Parking brakes Pneumatic - flick valve operated on rear wheels only
Fuel tank capacity 400 litres cross-linked polymer tank
Battery 2 X 12 V
Tyres 10X20 - 16 PR radial