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Skill Development

Skill Development

Ashok Leyland endeavours to bring the best-in-class experience to our customers, through our products and services. In realising this commitment, we understand not only the need for regular repair of your vehicles but also the importance of arresting the product repair time resulting in minimum off road time. This urge to ensure maximum profitability and satisfaction for our customers coupled with the ask to keep our service force abreast with the continually changing landscapes in technology, led to the need for Service Training, an initiative that trains and empowers our service workforce to handle the most complex of vehicular services.

Since our service workforce is professionally trained, they not only help keep your vehicles in top shape, but are also catalysts for enhanced customer satisfaction. Service Training caters to the training needs across ranks: from an entry-level technician to an experienced workshop manager. They undergo intensive training programmes so as to ensure that every person among our channel partners is trained for continual improvement in their skills for higher productivity, retention and motivation.

The Need for Constant Service Training

The constant endeavours of our R&D engineers to bring innovative, customer-centric and commercially viable technology to the table, has made it vital to educate all the stakeholders who are going to take care of the vehicles on the same, including the owners who manage the fleet and the drivers who would actually be driving the trucks. Due to the ever-changing technology in the vehicle industry the need has also increased for service technicians to constantly upgrade their knowledge and learn how to use modern tools of diagnostics-multi-meters, scan tools and more–to service a vehicle. Without adequate training and hands-on experience on the new technologies there is going to be a huge disconnect, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Hence, it is imperative to have regularly trained, readily available technicians at every possible customer touch point.

Our Potential Participants

Ashok Leyland has its presence in diverse sections of vehicle industry, from commercial vehicle business to State Transport Undertakings (STUs) and even defence forces. In each of these industries, irrespective of reasons specific to their ecosystem, the need for higher uptime remains a constant; so does our effort to assure the same for each of them. Be it the service and repair needs of commercial vehicles and STUs to ensure maximum running time or the rigorous maintenance needs of defence vehicle to ensure enduring performance, Ashok Leyland caters to service training needs of its vast customer base. We also extend service-training support to educational institutes where the technical knowledge sharing is done based on the curriculum of the institute. Through our service training initiatives, we have been running programmes for:

  1. Ashok Leyland’s channel partners in dealer outlets, Authorised Service Centres (ASCs) and Local Mechanic Garages (LMGs)
  2. Large corporations such as MTC, BMTC, government transport departments, etc.
  3. Diverse divisions of the Armed Forces
  4. Technical educational institutes that have tie-ups with Ashok Leyland
  5. Ancillary partners such as oil companies, tyre companies, etc. that indirectly service Ashok Leyland’s customers.

Training Delivery Models

  • Service Training Centres (STCs)

With the objective of sharing the latest know-how with the service technician fraternity so as to ultimately benefit the customer, the Ashok Leyland STCs are modelled as service knowledge dissemination centres. Spread pan India at Alwar, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Nasik, Ludhiana, Namakkal, Pantnagar and Kolkata, the STCs offer training programmes that are a perfect amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledge.

A typical STC is equipped with classrooms and audio-visuals aids for theory sessions and a demonstration area for practical sessions, which has an actual working model, to provide participants with hands-on experience. With a well-structured curriculum, a usual STC programme includes:

  • Product familiarisation–acclimatising new joiners with the varied product ranges of Ashok Leyland 
  • Understanding the scope of work of a service technician in the maintenance of the AL product range
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting-learning the usage and capabilities of modern diagnostic tools so as to provide cutting-edge vehicular service
  • Overhaul methodology-understanding the technics and know-how behind overhauling the critical aggregates
  • Service processes-understanding the processes and performances that lead to a seamless customer experience and enhanced customer satisfaction.


  • KNowledge on Wheels (KNoW)

In an effort to take service training to the customer’s doorsteps, Ashok Leyland conceptualized KNowledge on Wheels (KNoW), a very unique concept of knowledge sharing, bringing the advanced technical know-how to not only those with the least access to facilities to seek such knowledge but also to other technicians who would want to enrich their technical knowledge. Ashok Leyland has a fleet of modified, fully equipped mobile trucks positioned pan India that deliver training on site–at customers’ locations, channel partners’ locations, government organisations and local mechanic garages. KNoW also goes to very remote locations where people have no access to training due to various logistic reasons and to interior regions with no training facility within reach.

KNoW is equipped with a fully air-conditioned classroom for theoretical inputs and a workshop area for practical, hands-on training including diagnostics and live models for defect simulation. A typical KNoW mobile facility comes with an eight seater air-conditioned classroom, a smart TV and a demonstration area for working on a live engine. 

Training courses are conducted primarily on familiarisation, maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Achieved through experienced trainers/instructors and a meticulous curriculum, KNoW's effectiveness as a comprehensive means of knowledge sharing is enhanced through instant certification.

  • Dealer point training

Ensuring the growth of everyone associated with Ashok Leyland and to motivate and constantly upskill the service technicians at the dealerships across India, we have introduced an innovative initiative known as Earn & Learn at dealer sites. Aimed at upgrading the skills of the new entrants to the profession as well as the younger workforce, this training programme is devised as an on-the-job training, providing the technicians the opportunity to enhance their skills while not compromising on their livelihood.

The Earn & Learn programme can be undertaken in two ways:

  1. Automajor–Designed for candidates who have completed their 10th standard, Automajor is a two-year programme in collaboration with the ITI that gives the participants, classroom as well as hands on training. The programme aims at giving the participants a boost-start in their career as a service technician.
  2. Automaster–A six-month course designed for ITI graduates, Automaster helps aspiring technicians to upgrade their knowledge and skills, thereby go higher in the service technician’s career ladder.

The Earn & Learn initiatives help the in-house technicians at dealer sites not only become skilled and quality human resources but also understand the best practices of the trade, upgrade their skills and improve their productivity.

  • E-learning Modules

At Ashok Leyland, learning is a continuous process, and with technological advancements, the company has taken its training levels a notch up and has provided trainings through e-modules. These e-modules are easily accessible via the e-learning platform that the company has developed and covers topics on the new products and processes of Ashok Leyland. The service technicians can access the e-learning modules from anywhere via a tab, a computer or learning kiosks at the dealer points. The participants can go through the self-learning modules using their User IDs and upgrade their knowledge. This is yet another channel of knowledge dissemination for service training.

SERVICE SAMRAT–Recognising the best service technician

To acknowledge the round-the-clock efforts by the service technicians among all the channel partners, Ashok Leyland has instituted Service Samrat, a recognition initiative to acknowledge the outstanding technicians of the year. Conducted across dealerships and with other channel partners, Service Samrat sees participation from more than 6000 service technicians and 1500 supervisors. The participants undergo a stringent selection process spread across multiple stages, at the end of which the winners get recognized for their proficiencies.

Collaboration with educational institutes

A forerunner in spreading knowledge, Ashok Leyland has always endeavoured to take its technical know-how to the very last person in the service technician fraternity. To ensure the same, and bridge the gap of the manpower supply, in the commercial vehicle industry, Ashok Leyland decided to take its knowledge to educational institutes, thereby also building an ecosystem of employability.

Ashok Leyland collaborated and signed MoUs with the Centurion University, Bhuvaneshwar; the Raisoni Group of Institute, Maharashtra and Indo Global Exclusive Manpower Holding entity. The Joint Skill Development Centre (JSDC), is yet another initiative to provide primed human resources for dealers through residential campus training.

Ashok Leyland has also signed MoUs with select ITIs where they have set up a facility to train participants on not only the technical know-how of their machinery but also on various software course modules. The institute also offers an opportunity for the participants to become an instructor. 

Collaboration with educational institutes provides the organisation an opportunity to not only share its latest technical knowledge with the student community but also develop well informed and deployable human resources to represent the relevant functional streams.